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At Secgate, we care about protecting institutions, organisations and consumers from rapidly increasing cyber threats. We are united in our concern for the rising disparity between the capabilities of today’s cyber attacks and organisations’ cyber defense capabilities

As a group of accomplished global security experts, we are passionate about our craft. Our solutions are delivered with integrity and trusted by our customers worldwide. In the marketplace, we are renowned for our honesty, know-how and ability to swiftly act and engineer the right solutions at the right time.

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Our cyber security consultancy team has international experience at the world’s top consulting firms. Building on these foundations, they joined Secgate to design and deliver solutions that are proactive rather than reactive, flexible to be tailored to a client’s individual problems and to empower organisations to own their long term cyber risk management strategy.

Partnering with the best people, technologies and clients

Whilst having the best team is critical to solving the problem, we understand that unsurpassed cyber security is enabled by smart technology. At Secgate, we align with the cyber industry’s best thinkers and connect them to our core technologies, developed by world leading experts, to create robust cyber security solutions. Our flagship technology products are powered by our core intelligence solutions to monitor, analyse and secure an entire organisation’s digital infrastructure in real time. We work in partnership with clients throughout the globe to develop security solutions specifically to solve their current cyber problems and counter future issues. We categorize our services into four areas – Empowering Business, Compliance, First Responder and Empowering People. 


To understand why security is important and how it enables us all to achieve our business goals, we also need to consider why we value national security. When citizens are safe, so is their ability to freely pursue their goals and express their ideas to the rest of society.


Compliance service considers current legislation responsibilities and focuses on the likelihood of future compliance requirements given the trends in the evolution of regulations surrounding privacy and cyber security governance.

First Responder

The unfortunate reality that parallels between organisations and nations is that once an enemy force breaches your parameters, heavy resources must be deployed to protect the people within them and an entire nation.

Empowering People

Our approach to human risk consultancy differs to traditional approaches. We believe that accidental and malicious employee cyber breaches are not individual risks, such as the deliberate exfiltration of sensitive data or the accidental data loss from a wayward email.

Enabling Your Business And Digital Strategy

Empowering Business

Cyber security goals

Long term, our aim is for your organisation to proactively own your cyber risk management and for good cyber practice to be integrated and aligned with your digital strategy.

At its simplest, a digital strategy is a collection of technology focused projects which introduce a host of new technologies into the digital infrastructure of an organisation. However, all technology comes with cyber risk therefore integrating security at the outset of new IT projects will significantly reduce your organisation’s accumulation of short and long term threats and associated costs. With the increasing complexity of technological networks, the earlier this process is established the better equipped your organisation will be to survive the future decades of unknowable cyber security advancements.

Our approach

Empowering Business service starts with the implementation of IT security controls across an organisation that provides the base level protection needed for employees to do their jobs. These activities are prioritised through our triage approach: understanding where the most critical risks currently are within your organisation combined with a base alignment to international cyber security standards for example, ISO27001/NIST to secure employees in their BAU activities. This base level of security acts as a platform to start thinking strategically about how cyber security can enable your future business goals.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Third Party Security

Cyber Security Strategy & Budget Planning

Security Architecture

Security by Design Principals

Preparing Your Organisation To Act Lawfully And Responsibly


Strategy creation

Our cyber security consultancy: Compliance service then formalises the gap analysis and creates a strategy to achieve your desired level of compliance. We help you assign and train data controllers across your organisation how to answer these questions:

Q. What data should we be collecting?
Q. How should we be collecting it?
Q. What purpose should we be using it?
Q. How should we be protecting it?
Q. How long should we be keeping it for?

A sustainable, scalable solution for future compliance

Our consultants design business frameworks that integrate with your current processes and formalise the engagement of your Project Management Operations (PMO) and data controllers to receive appropriate authorisation for data usage at every single level. Similar to our Cyber Security Consultancy: Empowering Business service, for integrating cyber risk management into your digital strategy, our Compliance team integrates sustainable, scalable frameworks that allow you to continually answer the data questions above. Our cyber security consultancy: Compliance service is ideally positioned to enable your organisation to embed its own philosophy and ideals into its long term approach to regulation conformity, rather than the traditional consulting viewpoint which focuses on achieving static compliance at a single point in time.

Incident Simulation Exercises

PR and Media Training

Business Continuity Planning

Penetration Testing

Network Scanning

Malware Detection

Managing How To Effectively Deal With A Cyber Security Crisis


How far out do you see the armada coming and how quickly can the people who are manning the lighthouse understand the severity of the attack? Similar to a cyber attack you need to possess the intelligence to understand the nature and severity of the breach that has occurred. This is what our technology Forest Tree provides. In 2016, the median time taken to recognise that a cyber attack was occurring, or had happened, within an organisation was 200 days. Forest Tree’s purpose is to drastically shorten that time so your resources can be mobilised as quickly as possible thereby mitigating the impact of the attack.

How quickly can you organise an effective response to the incoming armada attack? In 1066, the speed with which information could travel from the coast to London and into the hands of war generals was critical to organising an effective response before an attack took place. This required a seamless understanding between the person in the lighthouse, who first discovered the attack, all operators of the 100 beacons and the people responsible for organising a response. Our cyber security consultancy: First Responder team designs incident response playbooks and trains individuals throughout your organisation to report and respond to indicators of cyber attacks in multiple scenarios. Once again, your employees are the best collective form of defence.

What are the generals’ strategies when attacked by an enemy and what conditions trigger which options? Good generals are pre-prepared with solid strategies. Our goal is to empower you as a leader to mitigate the impact a cyber breach has on your organisation as quickly and effectively as possible. The cyber security consultancy: First Responder service provides unique strategies for you to be ready should a security breach occur. These are supported by incident response playbooks and simulation exercises providing real-life scenarios for decision makers and incident response teams to rehearse their response.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Solutions

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Data Classification & Governance

Information Security Management System ISO27001

Equipping Your Employees To Defend Your Organisation

Empowering People

Cyber security needs to be addressed as a collective action problem; it is the responsibility of every individual within your organisation. A typical organisation can have 10, 1,000 or 100,000 employees all processing an exponentially increasing amount of sensitive data.

First line of defence

So, similar to the fight against terrorism whilst it is important to have a strong first line of defence in the echnical solutions used to prevent individual incidents occurring, good national defence is enabled by its citizens. It is vital that individuals remain vigilant within their communities and inform the intelligence services when they feel that there are risks arising. Why is this important? The way a government thinks that a community operates and how it works are often two separate things. It is only when citizens are empowered to act, seek out and report malpractice that communities become safer places to live.

Mobilising your employees

Our cyber security consultancy: Empowering People service provides a focus on redesigning the cyber roles and responsibilities for all individuals within your organisation. Our aim is to create a culture that better enables you to carry out cyber risk mitigation and provides those individuals with the training and intelligence required to do so confidently. Giving your citizens the intelligence and resources to root out cyber risk can turn your employees into your most effective form of defence.

Strategy, Governance & Policy

Reporting & Metrics Frameworks

Education & Training

Insider Threat Programmes

Identity & Access Management

Removable Media

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