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Cyber World is a digital media platform that offers news, insights and analyses on the world of cyber security, including articles from special guests, industry expert contributions and monthly white papers from both academic and industry professionals. It also features special sections dedicated to Future Leaders – postgraduate students or recent graduates in information security and related areas – as well as Rising Stars – young high-flyers that have already successfully entered the industry and are starting to make a name for themselves – promoting the next generation of cyber security experts today.


Cyber World boosts an impressive line-up of writers. We attract contributions by leading international experts from Industry, the worlds of finance, law or international affairs as well as from academia, think tanks, industry associations and other backgrounds.

Some of our past contributors have included, among many others, Theresa Payton, former Chief Information Security Officer at the White House; Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, European Union; Michelle Dennedy, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer at Cisco; Faisal Al Bannai, CEO of DarkMatter; Ian Glover, President of CREST; Tim Maurer, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Troy Hunt, Founder of ‘Have I been pwned?’; Nick Wilding, AXELOS Global Best Practice; Olivier Kraft, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI); AJennifer Steffens, Chief Executive Officer at IOActive,; or Hugo Zylberberg, a Cyber Fellow at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and Jo Stewart-Rattray, board director of ISACA.


Cyber World reaches a global audience of professionals. Cyber World is read in over 120 countries. We directly reach 500+ CISOs, CSOs, Directors and other industry leaders and over 150,000 professionals, academics, government stakeholders and students.

As a cross-media platform, and to continue to enhance its reach and audience, Cyber World publishes its articles and magazines on its own dedicated website at www.cyberworld.news, on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn as well as on ISSUU. We are also present at leading industry events such as the annual FIC conferences in France organised by our media partner CEIS.eu and have collaborations with many other conferences, industry associations and media platforms.



To be able to respond to the challenges emanating from an escalating threat environment, but also to harness the new opportunities provided by the rapid technological innovations we see today, Cyber World recognises the need for much closer cooperation between industry, academia and government. It is thus one of our primary goals to bring these three sectors closer together in order to broaden and enhance the discussion on cyber security and make the subject more accessible to a non-technical business and government audience.

Cyber World publishes a monthly magazine, conducts interviews with Rising Stars in the industry, runs competitions for graduate students in cyber security and related subjects and publishing winning submissions in our ‘Future Leaders’ section in the magazine, and produces white papers and expert analyses.

We bring cyber security subjects to the boardroom and to a largely non-technical business and government audience.

How Cyber World can help your organisation

Grow With Our Cyber World Special Editions

Cyber World publishes regular Special Editions, in which it focusses in-depth on hot and important issues, questions and challenges in the world of cyber security. Special Editions attract leading experts in their field as author, and an even greater interest from Readers than other editions. When we plan Special Editions, we also devise targeted dissemination strategies to make sure that our Special Editions are noticed by companies, associations and other networks, multipliers and media to whom the focus of each specific edition  is of particular interest.

Hence, Special Editions are the ideal means for companies and organisations to present themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields or areas of expertise as well as to reach new audiences and potential customers. 

We offer organisations the opportunity to sponsor a special edition, which will allow them to present their own experts’ analysis alongside the analyses of world leading experts, place prominent full-page advertisements in these editions as well as on our website at www.cyberworld.news, have your logo prominently displayed on the the cover and back cover of the edition as well as determine which networks and organisations you would like to reach and we will do the rest for you. We will source world leading experts as additional authors, devise a social media and dissemination strategy, design and edit the magazine as usual, and achieve the maximum possible reach and impact for you. 

To find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, or discuss other collaboration models and partners, or advertising opportunities in Cyber World, please contact us on cyber@secgate.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


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