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Forest Tree enables you to make decisions based on real data from your network whether those decisions involve operational, security or compliance objectives. This solution shows you a comprehensive analysis of network traffic to identify and catalogue events in your organisation in real time.

Our solution uses ground breaking machine learning capabilities to bring insights on system and user behaviours enabling decisions to be made holistically. It risk rates behaviours enabling unusual activity to be flagged to your operational teams. This solution learns and alerts you.

We Protect Your Reputation

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Protecting And Empowering Your Business


Forest Tree is reimagining how organisations protect themselves. We look past today, and consider what our customers are going to need to have a competitive advantage in years to come. We’re enabling people to better understand and protect their digital infrastructure

Because it’s more than your data, its your reputation.

Forest Tree extracts, indexes, and stores network traffic across your entire organisation. It’s is highly scalable, engineered for performance on large volume networks. We enrich your network traffic, analysing, sorting, and indexing important features to make it easily accessible and useful for an analyst, all in real time.

The app has been designed to support the common tasks of security team members. Investigate local devices, report on endpoint geography, or see high risk events: the comprehensive range analysis can give you certainty over your digital communications. Our proven technology is already helping governments, telcos and national security organisations protect their assets. Find out how we can help protect yours


Forest Tree provides information about data and communications in your network allowing full visibility of activity from your systems. Operations staff can extract data to create inventories of your entire estate and its behaviour dynamically. It can be used to identify end-user computing, data transfers to cloud providers and other third parties. Forest Tree can bring you visibility of services that are outside the control of your systems management solutions.


Forest Tree produces risk rated assessments of all network activity, facilitating inspection down to packet level for security operations teams and provide security dashboards for management. Connections and data transfers can be approved so that they aren’t continuously nagged for attention.

Our machine learning characterises user behaviour and can identify when a user deviates from the norms for they role or is inconsistent with their peers.


Forest Tree supports Group functions who can have the same visibility of dashboard information and thus have transparency between operations and policy and compliance departments. Some examples of use cases include:

Is user behaviour changing? Which users are not complying with policies? Are you in compliance with policies and regulations?

Is the total risk score reducing in line with your plan?

The Big Data Solution


Forest Tree is is packed with the latest technologies to help organisations discover and thwart potential security threats. Our features are designed with enterprise security in mind, considering the different needs of stakeholders in any organisation and giving an advantage against attackers.


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