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We live in a digital era, where cyber crime invasions and attacks flow in and out of a country like the wind passes through trees. No physical border fences, cctv cameras or military can stop this ever growing problem originate, enter or leave a country and the consequences can be catastrophic.

The global challenge of cyber crime has developed from an ‘emerging crime’ to a serious manifestation of crime with great practical relevance unique opportunities to connect with a global marketplace. In order to create both an enabling environment for enterprises and to protect users of Internet services in developing countries, it is necessary that countries have a clear legal framework and sufficient law enforcement and technological capacities in place to effectively fight cyber crime. 

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Connectivity is what drives the world forward. We must find a way to confidently encourage the flow of information to and from this country to allow it to thrive, whilst stopping any malicious attempts to infiltrate its critical services. Nations require robust defences to protect its national infrastructure. Cyber space brings a new dimension to the challenge of defence. This requires, a new approach.

White Wolf we introduces a new approach and a dynamic programme that combines a set of capabilities and technologies to provide an ultimate cyber defence solution. Incident response, digital forensics, penetration testing and threat intelligence coupled with some of the best minds in the field. White Wolf is a comprehensive and unique service ensuring that leaders in any nation, fully address the growing problems of cyber crime affecting their country.

Security Operation Center SOC

White Wolf next generation SOCs provide situational awareness and continuous surveillance, including monitoring traffic, blocking unwanted traffic to and from the Internet, and detecting any type of attack that affects any national infrastructure unit 

CERT - Incident Response

Computer emergency response team, White Wolf – CERT strives for a safer, stronger Internet for all nation citizens by responding to major incidents, analyzing threats, and exchanging critical cyber security information with trusted partners around the world.

Digital Forensics

Governments need skilled personnel to perform media exploitation and recover key intelligence available on adversary systems. To help solve these challenges, we provide digital forensic professionals to piece together a comprehensive account of what happened.

Red and Blue Teaming

Because offense must inform defense, our security experts provide enormous value to a government by applying social and technical attack techniques to find security vulnerabilities, analyze their risk implications, and recommend world class solutions.

Solution Training

We have created a leading-edge centre for bespoke cyber learning that your analysts and engineers can learn from. We offer a blended framework of e-learning, virtual classrooms and workshop-based face-toface

Strategy & Consulting

The White Wolf centre is the nucleus to your country’s security. Our subject matter experts will work hand
in hand with you to advise on how best to design, implement and execute your security strategies, or to
address your security concerns.


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