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Team introduce Forest Tree Technology

We are innovators, a team of creative minds, with a shared passion pushing boundaries to deliver pragmatic & market leading solutions. We are a team of recognized experts who value diverse and intelligent people passionate about their craft. Our products and services are market-leading, delivered with integrity, and trusted by our customers. We are known for our innovation, our ability to engineer solutions. As a young and diverse company with a passion for security, we aim to lead in the delivery of simple, pragmatic and disruptive solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

Control Your Data


Roger Poole, Ivan Blesa, Wouter Noordhoek, Haydn Brooks and Laith Gharib talk about the VisDa compliance  solution and how it differs from the competition, highlighting key capabilities in the fight against Cyber crime and meeting GDPR regulatory requirements , together with the underlying technology and vision of the product. This video was shot in Secgate’s head office at Berkeley Square House, London 2017.

London UK

Team at Infosecurity London 2017

In 2017 we made an impactful presence exhibiting in Infosecurity Europe. Infosecurity Europe is the region’s number one information security event featuring Europe’s largest and most comprehensive conference programme and over 400 exhibitors showcasing the most relevant information security solutions and products to over 19,500 information security professionals. We created a unique experience to demonstrate our product and services, making it informative and enjoyable for visitors to engage with us.

London UK

George Thompson at Infosec 2017

George Thompson gives an exclusive interview introducing secgate at Infosecurity Europe. A former Director at KPMG and CISO to a major communication company, George is the head of Enterprise Solutions at Secgate. He specialises in helping leaders focus on the development of the business and opportunities integrating enterprise security requirements into Secgate’s products and services.

London UK

Chris Gould Talks Forest Tree

Chris Gould, head of consulting at Secgate and former Partner for Cyber Security and Cyber Crime at EY and PwC describes the Forest Tree solution and its advantages on other products in the market. He also talks about VisDa and how this pioneering solution is helping organisations meet the GDPR regulation. 

Protecting Nations


White Wolf by Secgate introduces a new approach and a dynamic programme that combines a set of capabilities and technologies to provide an ultimate cyber defence solution. Incident response, digital forensics, penetration testing and threat intelligence coupled with some of the best minds in the field. White Wolf is a comprehensive and unique service ensuring that leaders in any nation, fully address the growing problems of cyber crime affecting their country.

Sponsoring World Champions

Cyber for Children

As part of our Cyber for Children programme, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Crimson Heat Tigers. This team of young British cheerleaders have recently brought pride to the nation by winning the international cheerleading championship of America.

Our future is in our children and we are committed to helping them understand the digital world in which we live in. We are focused on investing and supporting the future generation of our youth, especially when their activities include teamwork, healthy movement, and stimulation of the mind. We aim to educate the younger generation through our programme, which has been carefully designed to educate and protect children from the threat of cyber crime.

Protecting Your Reputation

Forest Tree Solution

Forest Tree is is packed with the latest technologies to help organisations discover and thwart potential security threats. Our features are designed with enterprise security in mind, considering the different needs of stakeholders in any organisation and giving an advantage against attackers.

Compliance and reporting made easy

VisDa Solution

VisDa enables you to visualise, explore and identify the origins and destinations of all of your data transfers both within your network and to third parties all over the world. By showing you what data you are transferring to where, and by automatically calculating the risk that the data transfer poses to your business, VisDa gives you control of your data in a way that no other solution can match.

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