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People are the biggest weakness to an organisation’s security in the modern day; we have the training facilities and skills to change this. Our training rooms have the technology to provide individuals with a laboratory environment to test their skills without working on live systems. Learning through diverse media types and hands-on practise is the best way to learn.

Our Training

The Secgate cyber security team has created a leading-edge centre for cyber learning where analysts and engineers can improve their knowledge, hone their existing skills and develop new competencies. We offer a blended framework of e-learning, virtual classrooms and workshop based face-to-face training. Training is categorised into general security awareness, technical and advanced cyber security programmes. Before starting, our team assesses your business security needs and then advises how you can maximise employee and department performance. We offer set and customised cyber security training programmes.

Introduction to Information Security

Obtain essential knowledge about the risks, threats and vulnerabilities your organisation and specific industry will potentially occur

Staff Awareness Training

Defend against phishing, social engineering, weak passwords and other day-to-day IT security issues

Introduction to Penetration Testing

Learn the five phases of a penetration test and the methods an attacker will use to gain access to your
network, assets and Intellectual Property Rights. This course is good for reviewing external testing
companies and their methods.

Penetration Testing - Module 1

Discover how to perform an end-to-end penetration test with the various tools available. This is a theory and practical hands-on course in a laboratory environment.

Advanced Penetration Testing - Module 2

Gain advanced techniques to accessing a target network, maintaining entry and clearing tracks. This is a practical hands-on course.

Social Engineering

Learn how the various types of social engineering are a huge threat to your organisation including targeting individuals via telephone, face-to-face and through social media channels. Are you aware that dumpster diving, eavesdropping and shoulder surfing still exist?

ISO 27001

Obtain expert training in how to comply with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification in information security management systems. Find out how this ISO standard can elevate your business above your competitors and demonstrate to your customers how seriously you take security.

Secgate Phishing Platform

Learn how to educate and test your employees on identifying dangerous email attachments spoof emails. Use this platform to test and review the performance and focus on the areas and departments that require more training.


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